LESA Mining Equipment and Conveyor Belt CC T/A DirtWhacker manufactured conventional conveyor belt scrapers since 1986.

During the early 90’s DirtWhacker was awarded several conventional belt scraper maintenance contracts in the bulk materials handling industry. In the course of time DirtWhacker realised that the mining industry experienced a high incidence of logistical and maintenance problems with conventional belt scrapers in general.

With the know-how gained in the field of conventional belt scrapers DirtWhacker initiated a research and development program in 1993. The new conveyor belt cleaning device that was to be developed had to meet the following challenges:

  • Eliminate carry-over
  • Easy Maintanence
  • Belt Friendly
  • Must operate on mechanically jointed belts
  • Reversible belt compatible
  • Visual blade to belt pressure indication
  • Must be able to operate on slow and fast belts

The development team surpassed all the above criteria with the cutting edge DirtWhacker product range. The innovative concept of the DirtWhacker belt cleaner was subsequently patented.

The patented DirtWhacker product range provides for efficient cleaning of conveyor belts globally. Today the durable DirtWhacker belt cleaners are renowned in the industry for its low maintenance profile and belt-friendliness.
DirtWhacker continue to develop innovative conveyor belt cleaning products that provide the bulk materials handling markets with high quality and scaleable solutions for DirtWhacker’s wide range customer designs.

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